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25 October 2011

Stanford & Williams Hybrid team win Yale IV

The Stanford & Williams College hybrid team of Shengwu Li (formerly Oxford) and Anser Aftab (formerly LSE) have won the 2011 Yale IV. 

The final line up was
OG: Stanford (Michael & Faris)
OO: Cornell (Ryan & Kirat)
CG: Vermont (Gross & Adamczyk)
CO: Stanford/Williams (Shengwu & Anser)

Final: This house believes that the end of US hegemony is good for the world
Semi: This house would allow and enforce pre-nuptial agreements that punish adultery with jail time. Semi
Qtr: This house believes that scientific journals shouldnt publish research on the subject of racial disparities in intelligence
R5: Where someone's mental health renders them unfit to stand trial, this house would forcibly treat them to allow them to stand trial
R4: This house believes that universities should disclose to admitted students, upon their request, if aff action affected their admission
R3: This house would prohibit folks who've been full time employees of political parties or the government from lobbying
R2: This house believes courts should be able to issue assassination warrants.
R1: This house would punish financial professionals who fail to report others' insider trading as if they had committed the insider trading themselves.

I'm still waiting for the tab but will post a link once I get it.

Source various on twitter but especially!/DebateTourney

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