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25 October 2011

Macau win the Macau IV 2011

University of Macau A have won the University of Macau IV 2011.

In the final they defeated
Macau Polytechnic Institute (IPM) D
University of Macau C

Defeated semifinalists were
University of Macau D
University of Macau B
Macau Polytechnic Institute (IPM) A

Final: This house believes that developed countries should punish companies whose sub-contractors use abusive labor practices in the third world
Semi: This house would give foreign workers the right to vote in general elections
R5: This house believes that marriage should come with an expiry date
R4: This house would not allow patients to refuse life-saving medical treatment
R3 motion: This house believes that all governments should provide low-cost public housing to all their citizens
R2 motion: This house would require all social networking sites to have user-elected board members
R1: This house would privatize all public universities

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  1. thank you Sharms for your updates ~ truly blessed to have you in Macau!


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