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4 July 2011

WODC 2011 update

One little update on the World Online Debating Championships.

Okay, so you've registered; but there's one little formality left(before the debates in August). Now, you have to either ask Dave for bursaries at  (just ask, they only charge a fee to insure participation, if you can prove you are serious about participating you'll get a partial or full bursary) and/or send payments via Paypal or moneybookers to ($US20 per person 'or' $100 per team).

Only four more countries can join the loop to make it officially 32.

We had people from 34 countries in (wrote to Dave about wanting to participate) but a few of those countries have yet to settle financial matters. If you need a bursary please ask for it, or you might not be in the final pool. :S


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