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4 July 2011

North East Asian Open 2011

It is a great honor for Taiwan Wenzao English Debate Society (TWEDS) to hold this year’s NEAO, which starts from 18th to 21st November 2011. The tournament will take place in Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Tournament Schedule
Nov 18th
Friday Check-in (all day)
Adjudication Briefing
Adjudication test
Welcome dinner

Nov 19th
Saturday Opening Ceremony
3 Preliminary Rounds
Council Meeting

Nov 20th
Sunday 2 Preliminary Rounds
Quarter-Final/EFL Semi-Final
Semi-Final/EFL Final
Grand Dinner

Nov 21st
Monday Check-out (Elective date 1)
Grand Final
Award & Closing Ceremony

Nov 22nd
Tuesday Check-out (Elective date 2)
Optional City Tour

Registration information
● Registration Fee
Plans Price (in NTD / per person)
Debaters and Adjudicators
A. Registration fee with 3 night stays at hotel NTD 5,500
B. Registration fee with 4 night stays at hotel NTD 6,500
A. Registration fee with 3 night stays at hotel NTD 6,500
B. Registration fee with 4 night stays at hotel NTD 7,500

Plan A (NTD 5,500) will get you:
● 3 nights of staying in a 4 star hotel
● Lunches and snacks from Nov. 19th to 21st
● 1 Welcome Dinner and 1 Grand dinner

Plan B (NTD 6,500) will get you:
Aside from the offers mentioned above, you can stay in the same hotel for one more night and enjoy the field trip on the 22nd for free by choosing Plan B.

We understand that you may not be able to catch the flight on the night of the 21st safely in time because the schedule ends late. However, due to the tight budget, we are not allowed the luxury to cover the accommodation fee for the 21st. Therefore, if you intend to stay in the hotel until the 22nd, although the charge would be on your own expense, we will provide you with a complimentary tour around this lively city of Kaohsiung.

● Registration Dates
**Phase 1 (institution representatives)
Registration period: July 25th – August 7th
Publish registration result and waiting list: August 8th
Phase 1 payment: August 8th – August 18th
Waiting list kicks in: August 22nd
Waiting list payment: August 22nd - August 26th

**Phase 2 (independent adjudicators and remaining slots)
Registration period: August 31st – September 4th
Publish registration result: September 5th
Phase 2 payment: September 5th – September 9th

**Release final list: September 12th
Enter personal details: September 12th – September 23th

Team Cap Policy
Each institution may send a maximum of 3 teams.
Total Cap: 120 teams
Outside the region: Open

Adjudicator: N=N rule will be enforced

Notes: Slots will be allocated based on a “first-come-first-served” basis. Institutions registering after the first 120 will be placed on the waiting list.

Open/EFL Policy:
EFL Criteria:
A person shall be considered as EFL as long as they do not take 50 % (or more) of their university classes in English, and have spent no more than one year living in a native English speaking country. To qualify for EFL BOTH criteria must be met.

Open group:
Teams not qualified as EFL or constituting native speakers would be classified into the Open group. With enough points to break in the Open Group, any EFL team should break in the Open Group rather than in the EFL group.

About NEAO 2011
● Adjudication Core
Chief Adjudicator:
Dohhee Roh (South Korea)

Deputy Chief Adjudicators:
Keita Takayanagi (Japan)
Flora Pan (China)
Sophy Chen (Taiwan)

● Hosting School
Excited to have the opportunity to host an international debating tournament for the first time, faculty members and students of Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages are all looking forward to this great event. Wenzao is the first five year college that specializes in foreign language education in Taiwan, including Mandarin Chinese, English,French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Korean.

On the campus of Wenzao, classrooms and the spacious auditorium capable of accommodating up to 1,700 people are well-equipped with modern AV facilities to ensure adequate capacity to manage the debate rounds properly. With extensive on-campus Wi-Fi coverage, participants will be able to continue their on-line social life and every connection without disruption, except during the debates!

● City Tour
With such a short stay in Kaohsiung, you can barely see the depth of this harbor city. Being called a harbor city, as the name implies, Kaohsiung is renowned for its high level of concentration of harbor and rivers, which in great part makes the city’s scenery ever more appealing.

Kaohsiung, a breath-taking city, is worth slowing down your pace to discover its beauty. We will take you to a few of Kaohsiung's most notable sightseeing and entertaining spots.

The tour fees will be covered kindly by Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages.

● Contact Information

-For more relevant information, visit our official website:

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