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13 July 2011

DLSU Worlds 2012: Call for Independent Judges

Dear World Debating Community,

We are writing to open applications for independent adjudicator slots and subsidies to attend the World Universities Debating Championships 2012. These are welcomed from truly 'independent' (i.e. institution-less) judges, and any individuals who would like to attend as judges outside their institution's current allocation. We recommend institutions cascade this information to anyone potentially interested within their societies.

There are a total of 70 independent adjudicator slots, 60 of which will carry varying levels of subsidy. They are allocated primarily based on individual merit and need for funding in order to attend the tournament. You may download the guidelines in applying and the application form on the Worlds website We would like to headline a couple of details here, however:

·  This is the application process both for subsidy and for unsubsidised independent judge places.
·  We ask applicants to tell us how much funding they would need in order to be able to come, and will make offers according to this (i.e. we won't offer people amounts of funding they've said wouldn't be enough to enable them to come) - so please do state your needs as accurately as possible to avoid missing out on an offer of subsidy which may in fact have been useful to you.
·  Some of you may be hoping to attend as speakers, or hope to win institutional support as judges. If, absent success in either of these other avenues, you would be interested in attending as a judge, please apply to this process, including in the text of your application email the details of what else you are hoping to do. Providing you can, if successful as an independent adjudication applicant, book flights straight away, this will not disadvantage your application.
·  All successful applicants will be required to apply for any other funding, including institutional funding, for which they are eligible, in order to maximise the number and quality of judges we can fund.

Applications are now open and remain open until 1200 midday GMT on Saturday, the 30th of July. All applicants should return the attached application form, saved as '[Surname], [Firstname] Application' to by this time. No other members of the adjudication team should be copied in, as this would disrupt the anonymisation of CVs before they are sent to someone to evaluate. For the same reason, please direct all queries to this address, including those relating to any difficulties with the timescales in question, about which we are keen to hear.

Many thanks,

The Adjudication Team
DLSU Worlds 2012'

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