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13 July 2011

Australs 2011 Semi-Final Results

Here are the Australs 2011 semi-final results.

Semi 1 between Monash University 1 (affirming) and Victoria University of Wellington 1

Topic: That all artists should receive a percentage of the resale value of their work

Winners: Victoria University of Wellington 1 in a 5-2 decision

Semi 2 between Sydney University 1 and National University of Singapore 1

Topic: unknown

Winners: National University of Singapore 1 in a 4-3 split decision

Grand Final will be held later this afternoon/evening

The ESL finalists are Hong Kong Uni 1 vs University of Indonesia 1


  1. Anonymous6:58 am

    I wonder if we'll get to see a video on the Semis, and a breakdown of the adjudicator splits...

  2. Anonymous7:06 am

    No Australian team in the final!

  3. Anonymous10:21 am

    Anonymous 1 - why? You suspect bad faith?

    Anonymous 2 - yep, second year in a row.

  4. Anonymous7:42 am

    anon 1 - No idea about the Monash-Wellington round. But for the Sydney-NUS round, the split was 4-3 with Steve W, Ben Woolgar, Sandeep and Tasneem in the majority and Amit, Neha and Chowdury in the minority. Not sure if there's a video of it online but it was definitely recorded.


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