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26 May 2011

South African Nationals Registration Update

Dear Debating Community

Please remember that early registration closes this Friday at 6:00pm. Please make sure that you have registered on the registration site (, and that you have added the number of teams and judges that your institution requires. You do NOT need to fill in all of the participants' details by the close of early registration, but we request that all details are entered by the close of late registration on the 10th of June. If you are still experiencing problems with the site, please contact Paida at, and he will assist you. In any correspondence (such as invoice requests) please specify which Institution AND CAMPUS you are representing, as we have had some confusion due to this issue.

Please also note that we must receive proof of payment by Friday at 6:00pm to guarantee your slots. If we do not receive your proof of payment, you will lose your slots.

Training material will be going up onto the website shortly. We are finalizing the content at the moment, and material should be available on the site as soon as we are done. For more regular updates, join the Nationals 2011 Facebook group. Just search "Nationals 2011", and you should find us!

All the best,

Stephen Thompson
Convener: South Africa Nationals 2011

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