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10 May 2011

Message from the Pan African Debate Championship Executive Council

E-mail from the president of the Pan African Debate Championship Executive Council:

Dear Debating Community

The Pan African Universities Debate Championship (Pan) Executive Council would to report to all that are interested in the affairs of Debating in Africa.

There is a steady stream of activity in the African Continent as we try to turn the tide against youth activism in sponsored violence and being hired guns of dictators. We need now more than ever to foster the culture of debate within this Continent. It is by no means an easy task and requires all hands on deck for this momentous task. Our forefathers have resorted to violence to solve their disputes and today as the youth of Africa we need to change a culture that will destroy this great Continent.

That is why as the Pan Executive Council we are happy that the youth of Africa have come together across Africa to demonstrate that the solutions of this Continent lie in Education and Debate. We therefore announce that the Africa will be a hive of activity with South Africa conducting its 17th National Debating Competition, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria will also be conducting their respective National Competitions. All this activity will lead us to the Prestigious Pan African Universities Debating Championships which will be hosted by Zimbabwe in December 2011.

We invite the world to join us in these respective activities and we can learn from each other.

Africa more that ever needs the culture of Debate as our Continent faces testing times, the Youth need to play a role in its political shape and instead of being weapons, we need to be ideas and intellectual voices of our Continent.

Sipho D Kilani
President of Pan African Debate Championship Executive Council

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