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9 May 2011

Expert Debate & English Teachers Wanted in Seoul

Leaders Academy manages English and debate programs.

Our debate program is very competitive, having coached many middle school and high school students to success in national and international tournaments. The debate program extends to speech, Model United Nations and mock trial. We make students better critical thinkers and more active in their engagement. The main objective is to have students do well in competition.

Our Honors program offers gifted students a chance to advance their English even further through thematic instruction. The reading/speaking teacher examines reading skills, written assessments, discussion, and public speaking. The writing teacher examines essay structure, grammar, sentence structure, and creative writing. This is NOT an ESL job, but an after-school program to keep advanced English speakers ahead in English.

Because our programs are popular, but highly selective, we began offering a Bridges program at the start of 2011. For students that just barely miss our selection criteria, they go through a 3-6 month Bridges program to prepare them for Debate or Honors.

Leaders Academy Teachers must have:
* a degree in English, English instruction, or related field
* an ample teaching experience
* good collaboration skills to work with team
* good references from your recent job(s)
* provide constructive feedback to students
* provide interactive lectures and lessons

Ideal Leaders Academy Teachers would:
* be able to communicate in Korean for conferencing with parents (not needed, but beneficial)
* have graduated with a high GPA and/or earned a high SAT or TOEFL score
* social studies expertise (helps with APs and Honors themes)

Debate Teacher must have:
* coached at debate tournaments
* be able to provide in-depth feedback to students
* be offer extra time to help prepare students for tournaments

Ideal Debate Teacher would:
* have experience with simulations such as Model Congress, Mock Trial, or Model United Nations
* have experience with forensics events such as acting and speaking
* have impressive record as coach and/or competitor in debate

Reading Teacher must have:
* a deep understanding of close reading
* a love of literature—be well-read
* an excellent vocabulary

Ideal Reading Teacher would:
* have International Baccalaureate (IB) experience with outstanding results
* have Advanced Placement (AP) English experience with outstanding results

Writing Teacher must have:
* experience with 6+1 Writing Traits
* a love of writing—have samples to share
* editing professionalism

Ideal Writing Teacher would:
* have International Baccalaureate (IB) experience with outstanding results
* have Advanced Placement (AP) English experience with outstanding results

* Evening and weekend work hours during school terms
* Two salary options: Monthly or hourly wages (rate depends on experience)
* Over-time available during winter and summer breaks
* Contract length one year
* Starting month: As soon as possible
* Located in Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

If you are interested, please send your CV, cover letter and contact information to Be sure to include references.

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