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5 April 2011

International Debate Camp in Porto‏

Dear Debaters and Friends,
We are proud to announce that the registration to the (IDC) is now open.

The IDC will happen from 17th to 24th July 2011 in Porto (Portugal) and it will combine trainings provided by a strong international faculty; an amazing and diverse social program that includes lots of partying and one day of guided tours, wine tasting and boat sailing; a competitive tournament in the end of the week; good food and a wonderful scenario.

This is going to be more than just a debating competition. We want participants to get fully engaged with the experience. Under the motto learning, sharing, competing: learning will be fostered not only by the trainings and the training debates, but also by lectures provided by faculty members, and will have emphasis on the theme "empowering citizenship"; sharing will be promoted in every aspect of the debate camp starting from registration where you will be asked to share your views on democracy and citizenship related issues that will generate an online debate even before the event starts; competition will not be contained in debates, it will be a part of all camp as you will become part of one of five teams that will compete against each other on small outdoor games, on the training debates and other challenges that we will propose you. All this, for under 20€ a day (150€).

So now you know register and spread the word. Tell your friends, forward this email, share the event on facebook, ask us for billboards and we'll send them by mail to you, help us getting to everyone that may enjoy this.

We can't wait to show you the best week of your summer holidays.

Thanks in advance,
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