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4 April 2011

Impact of Debate on Academic Performance

Saad Bin Amjad doing some research for his course titled the "Impact of Debate on Academic Performance".

The following links are the questionnaires, easy ones, for the debaters and non debaters to fill! Please feel free to put your honest answers and the results would be posted soon with thee research paper here in this blog!

Looking forward to your cooperation.

For Debaters:

For Non-Debaters:


  1. ah interesting! i had the same research last year, it was positively intriguing. debate helps us to structure our minds- it has served significant contribution in helping students to understand the coherence of the subjects in school and universities (since currently there are a lot of subjects with hardly any explanation of coherence one another). debate helps us to comprehend and re-synthesize these knowledge in form of presentation. :)

  2. @Bryan: Thanks for your response!

    I had some typing mistakes, that I edited afterward...hope it was not a problem :P

    Whatever you said, true that! Since you had done the research, looking forward to get help from you. If you have sources that I can incorporate, in my paper, I would appreciate that!

    My email id:



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