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8 April 2011

DLSU Worlds Registration Communication

Dear World Debate Community,

We would like to thank you for your cooperation during the First Phase of Registration. The list of registered institutions is now available! :)

At this point, we would like to ask you to take one more look at this list and tell us if you think there is something wrong with your institution's information. Please take note that as outlined in our bid, we allocated 1 team and 1 adjudicator each to every institution after the 300 team mark. After coming up with the initial 300 teams, we then looked for countries which were not yet represented and after which, we looked for institutions which were not yet represented.

We have also published the raw list of Independent Adjudicators and Observers. These lists reflect all those who registered and have not yet been finalized since we will not be able to accommodate everyone due to logistical constraints. The Adjudication Core will be releasing information about application for Adjudicator Subsidies which will begin in May. This will allow the Adj Core to assess each candidate based on their ability to judge the tournament well. Other individuals who would like to apply for subsidies will also be given a chance to send in their applications during this time.

Thank you all again for your support.

For any questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact the Registration and Communications Director Crystal Francisco at  or through

The Registration Team

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