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1 February 2011

MUN India‏

Dear Faculty Advisor and Students

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the long awaited “MUN India” has been finally launched. The website is up and running!

MUN India promises to take MUNning and Debating to the next level. It is a one stop solution to all your MUN needs. It provides a centralized calendar for all MUN conferences happening across the country along with their details. It also helps organizers decide suitable dates for their conferences as it also has the exam schedules of major universities in the country.

MUN India also brings to you a one stop solution for finding MUNners. You can now search MUNners by the conference they have attended and by the countries they have represented and committees they have simulated. You can also now make your MUN resume and use it to apply for other Model UN Conferences.

MUN Reflect, another initiative of MUN India, is a semi-annual magazine dedicated to providing quality articles and resources for MUNers. The magazine aspires to publish articles by reputed and experienced MUNers that provide insight on conference preparation, organization and much more.

MUN India also brings to you a bunch of services. Starting from technical support for you conference, website, design to organizational consultancy, MUN India is dedicated to facilitating the organization of a quality conference.

Last but not the least MUN India offers comprehensive training programs and workshops for MUNners with the objective of providing quality training for MUNners so that the level of debate in conferences increases exponentially.

All this and more is offered by MUN India at Log in now, and enjoy the tour!

To follow us on facebook log on to!/pages/MUN-India/196486367032317


Gufran Pathan
Chief Executive Director
MUN India

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