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1 February 2011

LSE Open (Call for Judges)‏

Would you like to judge great debates, enjoy amazing socials, and get lots of free food and alcohol?

Being an Open at which many experienced judges will be debating , the tournament requires a large number of volunteers to act as qualified external judges.

Looking at our tab, we are confident in predicting that this tournament will see some of the most competitive debates of the term. We are very dedicated to bringing in as many qualified judges as possible.

We are thus very grateful (a gratitude expressed largely in free liquor) for all those who will come out and judge.

Please contact us in advance, either on facebook, by joining the event "judging at the LSE Open" (  of my emailing John.ashbourne (at) or A.A.Kazi (at)

Looking forward to seeing you all in February,

John Ashbourne & Anser Aftab

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