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27 December 2010

Eurasian Schools Debating Championships 2011 motions

The prepared motions for the Eurasian Schools Debating Championships 2011 were released tonight. They are:

Round 1: THW allow the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport
Round 3: THW not shut down Wikileaks
Round 5:THB that university education should be free
Round 7: THBT the EU member states should have the responsibility to bail our failing EU economies
Final: THB in legislating by citizen-initiated referenda

The Eurasian Schools Debating Championships will be held between January 27 and February 1 in Istanbul, aiming to become the regional equivalent of the WSDC and to start a Council for the participant countries. The CA team consists of Can Talaz (Turkey) and Effie Giannakouri (Greece). For more information on the tournament, visit their website or their Facebook page.

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