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27 December 2010

Covering Worlds 2011

Of course I'll be posting as often as I can over the next few days.  I'm not in Botswana as work and family committments mean I don't get to as many tournaments as I would like.  I am no longer a student and debating is a hobby rather than a career for me so I don't have the necessary financial resources backing me to allow me travel the world anymore.

However that should not be a disadvantage to covering the event. I have promises of regular updates from a number of people at Worlds and I will be monitoring the various blogs and twitter feeds to bring you the best possible coverage of events.

Of course there are a few tried and trusted sites I will be checking and you should keep an eye on also.

Twitter is often the most rapid source of updates. I suggest you check #WUDC and #botswanaworlds and #WUDC11.  Hopefully people would settle on one tag.  I suggest #WUDC for what its worth.

The organisers at Botswana tell me that they hope to update with live updates and possibly video from the event. and has provided excellent coverage of worlds in recent years.  When you go onto the website the text may appear in German.  However just change the language on the blog to English and you will be able to read the posting.

Steve at has provided some excellent coverage of recent tournaments in North America and hopefully will continue to do so from Botswana.

Tuna at has been writing a daily diary of events so far at Worlds.

Some society blogs include

I will add to the list as I find blogs updating on events from Worlds.


  1. St Andrews Union Debating Society posting at:

  2. Hi Irene,
    Thanks. I have added St Andrews to the list.



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