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17 November 2010

2nd East Asian Invitationals 2010 Results and Motions

The 2nd East Asian Invitationals 2010, organised by the Higher Education Service Centre (GAES) of the Macau Government was held from 11th to 15th Nov 2010 at the charming Pui Ching Middle School in Macau. This year, the top 16 invited Asian varsity debating teams represented 9 countries/territories were: ADMU (Philippines), UT Mara (Malaysia), TU/ICU (Japan). Chulalongkorn U (Thailand), TWEDS (Taiwan), NUS (Singapore), PKU & Tsinghua U (China), HKU (Hong Kong), and UMAC/IPM/MUST/USJ (Macau).

Competitors at the 2nd East Asian
These 16 debate teams were judged by 7 top Asian adjudicators: 4 DCAs Sharmila Pramanand, TJ, Suthen "Tate" Thomas, Satya Venugopal, 2 Invited Adjdudicators: Dr Omar Salahuddin, Ms Ely Zosa and CA: Loke Wing Fatt. These 7 top judges were joined by 6 China/Hong Kong judges: Crystal Zhao, Nancy Xue, Carol Luk, Kevin Li, Jasmine Tam, and Amanda Ou.

In the Grand Final, Shiveena Pramanand and Cecile Danica Gotamco of the Ateneo De Manila University defeated National University of Singapore (Ashok Rai & Kelvin Chong), University of Macau (Nicole Ng & Omoleye Segun Emmanue) and University of Technology Mara, Malaysia (Mohd Shariq & Mohd Syafiq) to become Champions for the second time.

Mr Kelvin Chong was adjudged as the Best Speaker of the Grand Final, while Ms Shiveena Pramanand was voted as the Best Speaker of the Tournament.

On behalf of all the debaters, adjudicators, coaches, supporters, and friends of the Macau debating community, I would like to thank Dr Kuok Sio Lai, Ph.D., Acting Director, Higher Education Service Centre, for her unstinting support for this event. Thanks must also go to Ms Monie Kwok, Ms Stephanie Io and Ms Eva Kou for making the tournament such a great one for everyone involved. Everyone was impressed by the hospitality and professionalism of the support staff at the 4-Day tournament.

We look forward to the 3rd East Asian Invitationals 2011 in Nov 2011.

2nd East Asian Invitational 2010 Motions:
Round 1 This House would pay the poor not to have children
Round 2 This House would refuse to extradite suspected criminals to states where they face the death penalty.
Round 3 This House would stop all development aids to Africa.
Round 4 This House believes that oil companies should not be allowed to hold patents on renewable technologies.
Round 5 This House believes that army bases should their own state-sponsored brothels.
Semi-Finals: This house believes that USA should end all efforts to broker peace in the Israel-Palestine conflict.
Grand Final: This House believes that 1st World Liberal Democracies should repeal all laws on treason.

Loke Wing Fatt
Chief Adjudicator
2nd East Asian Invitationals 2011 in the Macau SAR, China

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