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20 September 2010

UCTI Open results

The 1st UCTI Open tournament was held at the weekend. The champions are Team BATIN consisting of Suthen "Tate" Thomas and Praba Ganesan. 1st runner ups are UT Mara 1 consisting of Mohd Shafiq Ahmed Bazari and Mohammad Syafiq B. Bahtiar "Stiffler". The finalists were team Matriachs (Ain Aissa Mohamad and Nur Atiqah Mohd Zaki) and UT Mara 3 (Nor Emellia Mohd Shariff and Mohamed Abdullahi).

Tate won the "Overall Best Speaker" and "Best Speaker For Finals" award.
The motions were:
Round 1 THW Not Build The "Ground Zero Mosque"
Round 2 THW Abolish Drug Trafficking in Malaysia
Round 3 THBT Social Disgust is Legitimate Grounds for the Restriction of Artistic Freedom
Round 4 THW Have Quotas for Female Representation in Politics
Round 5 THBT the Pope Should Get Laid
Quarter Finals THW Abolish All Single Sex Schools in Malaysia
Semi Finals THBT the OIC Should Unconditionally Recognize the State of Israel
Grand Finals THBT Former Colonial Powers Should Pay Reparations to Their Former Colonies

There was a tie for 16th and 17th place for the break. Both teams debated against each other in an opening half BP debate on the motion "THW remove all US bases in Asia"

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