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11 September 2010

Botswana Worlds Reg Update : Teams Need to Pay!

Dear Worlds Participants.

Now a week has passed since the deadline for the final payment.  We are publishing two lists.  The first list is of people who paid the deposit but made NO FINAL PAYMENT.  The second list is of people that paid a full deposit for the number of teams that they registered, but DID NOT make a FULL final payment (these lists are on the front page of 

Now, due to the large volume of emails me are dealing with and deadlines we must keep there might be some mistakes in this list.  If you happen to see your institutions name on the list and don't believe it belongs there please follow this two step process:

1) Go to the registration website for Botswana Worlds ( and log into your registration account: see if your payment details are correct

2) Email with details of what is wrong, if it is an issue of payment ATTACH the payment proofs (if you have emailed me, Graham, directly in the past don't do it this time, I'm traveling and you won't get your problem solved).

I also know some of you had legitimate excuses that we honored with extensions.  If this is the case and you find yourself on this list please kindly remind us and don't worry, you won't be dropped.

Everyone else has until September 16th to solve any problems and send us their proof of payments (we need to receive the proof of payment by the 16th).  After that you will have forfeited your deposit and be dropped from the registration list.

Teams promoted from the wait list who have not contacted us to confirm that they will be accepting their spots are also being removed from the wait list. Teams that do not initiate payment by the 16th will similarly be removed.

Botswana Worlds Registration Team

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