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20 July 2010

World Debate Forum : Application and Topic Selection Process‏


We've received quite a lot of interest in the World Debate Forum and a lot of useful comments. One of them was to provide a clearer idea of how participants can present their ideas - and so that's what we done.

Below we outline the registration process and provide two templates for those interested to conduct a presentation or a meeting.

We are currently in the process of forming the topic selection committee and putting up a website. More to come soon!


World Debate Forum - Registration Process
We have an absolute limit of 100 places. We want to have as many people as possible attend, but we also want to reflect the diversity of topics and interests.

Registering to Present Ideas or Organize a Meeting
- 30 places are reserved for people who are presenting or organizing meetings

Registering to Share and Participate (non-presenter, not organizing a meeting)
- 40 places to be allocated purely on first-come-first serve
- 30 places to be allocated to ensure diversity – a balance between areas of areas, expertise etc. This will be determined by the organizers and the topic selection committee.

- Proposing Presentations and Meetings – submit your topics before the 30th of September 2010
- Registering as non-presenters or organizers of meetings – register before the 30th of October 2010

World Debate Forum - Topic Selection Process
There will be three stages of topic selection

1. Topics will first be filtered to ensure they are consistent with the overall theme of the Forum and the topic area.
2. Topics will then be published for online voting. Anyone can vote on what you think is an interesting topic, you don’t have be registered to attend to vote.
3. Topic selectors will then choose additional topics.

We are in the process of forming the topic selection committee

World Debate Forum - Application Process
- Submit a title and abstract of your presentation. This abstract should be of 300 words or less. You do not have to submit your entire presentation.
The abstract should discuss the main theme of the presentation, give an outline of the issues you will discuss and what you hope to achieve.

- If relevant, you can briefly introduce yourself and/or your organization

- Also choose a topic area – Tournament, Education or Advocacy

*Example for Presentations*
Topic : Modifying the registration process at WUDC
Topic Area : Tournament
Abstract :
Given the incredible demand to attend WUDC, there needs to be a system that fairly selects the teams who gets the privilege of participation. The current system of first-come-first-serve has merits but leaves too much to the chance of the internet. I will propose a system that has a component of chance but also tries to ensure diversity. The outline of my presentation will be as follow:

1. Problems with the status quo
2. The goal of WUDC – determining the champion and representing the world
3. The proposed system (assuming a team cap of 400 and 30 countries participating)

1. 30 teams allocated purely on first-come-first-serve
2. 10 teams allocated to first-come-first-serve for each country
3. Every team that broke the year before is guaranteed a place (above other registration opportunities)
4. Half Extra teams allocated to regional teams and new debate regions
5. Half Extra teams put back into the waiting list
6. A simulation of how this process would have worked on past Worlds
7. Q&A

- Similar to the process for presentations, you should submit a title for your meeting and submit an abstract that discuss the theme of the meeting, states its goals and provides an agenda. You may also submit background material.
- You can also state what you expect people who attend this meeting to be interested or involved in
- If relevant, you can briefly introduce yourself and/or your organization
- Also choose a topic area – Tournament, Education or Advocacy

*Example for Meetings/Workshops*
Topic : Developing a framework to develop African debating
Topic Area : Advocacy/Education
Abstract : There has been a lot of activity in developing debate in Africa the past few years. With more coordination between institutions active in debate and organizations promoting debate, we can increase the impact of this work.
This meeting aims to highlight some of the successes and challenges and develop a framework to sustainably promote debate in Africa I would like to talk to people currently involved in promoting debate at the university or highschool level (in or outside Africa), members of universities with debate programs, civil society organizations interested in debate or have access to funding. At the end of this meeting we hope to find people who are willing to work with us or ideas we can use to improve our work.

We are _____________, an African NGO that aims to develop African society by empowering them though knowledge and debate. We were set up in 1998 and since then have been running workshops and programs to students and teachers, promoting new tools of education – like debate, drama and music.

We have project ongoing in ____, ______ and _____, involving in total 400 students and 60 teachers.

1. Overview on current programs (this is detailed in the material attached – participants are expected to read this before attending the meeting)

2. What are the challenges?
1. Trainers and training materials
2. Funding
3. Venues
4. Dealing with administrators

3.Building solutions
1. Assemble best practices
2. Volunteer trainers – Teach Debate for Africa for 1 year
3. Joint Programs – Adopt a School in Our Community
4. Joint applications for funding and support

4. Compile Framework

Other Possible topics
- Modifying the registration system at Worlds
- Teaching debate in the classroom: Modules for teachers and students
- Grading debates – a process that is academically responsible and not overly rigid
- Fundraising from your institution – how to persuade them that debate is worth paying for
- The role of Manner in debate – a modification to the scoring system
- A curriculum for using debate to teach English

Chief Adjudicator WUDC 2011
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  1. Dear debating community,

    This assumed that very significant progress in debate is going on.I hope in future World debate forum will play a vital role through their every years valuable discussion, recommendations and scientific presentation which need to implement in practical field.

    Kind regards

    Md.Mizanur Rahman(Mizan)


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