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20 July 2010

More updates about the Red Sea Open‏

Hello Debaters!
We all had fun at Euros Amsterdam, but that is over now, Time to move on. And moving on starts at Eilat!

If five days in a hotel along with all-you-can-drink free Alcohol and the most cracking A-Team in the world wasn’t enough* - we added more reasons to come to the Red-Sea-Open.

As Announced in Amsterdam, the winning team will take away 500$!!!! We are also offering 250$ for the best speaker! That is 750$ that can be yours if you are the best speaker and win the tournament while your partner suddenly “disappears” after the final! (Cost of making partner disappear may exceed 750$.)

So, what do you still need to do? Registration closes on July 25th, so you have less than a week to find a partner, pick a cool team name, buy a swimsuit and come down to a tournament of fun!

Not spreading the love, but spreading free Alcohol, food and pool parties!
The RSO team.

*”The most cracking A- Team in the world”, if you didn’t know, consists of Can Okar, Will Jones and our very own Anat Gelber!

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