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31 July 2010

WODC Round 1 Draw

I am pleased to announce the draw for Round 1 of the second World Online Debating Championships, beginning Monday 2nd August.

D1 - China v. USA 2
D2 - Zimbabwe v. Macedonia
D3 - Greece BYE
D4 - Pakistan v. Nepal
D5 - New Zealand v. Indonesia
D6 - Mexico BYE
D7 - Estonia v. Australia
D8 - Botswana v. Venezuela
D9 - Canada BYE
D10 - Palestine v. Latvia
D11 - Malaysia v. India
D12 - Romania v. Colombia
D13 - England v. Mongolia
D14 - Uganda v. Ghana
D15 - Rwanda v. Czech Republic
D16 - Israel v. USA 1

Adjudicators will include our DCAs, Fred Cowell, Rose Helens-Hart and Loke Wing Fatt, as well as Andy Hume, Tommy Tonner, Rinat Gershfeld, Beth Harvey-Smith, Manos Moschopoulos, Tony Murphy, Colm Flynn, Josh Martin, Anne Valkering and Monika Bukelskyte.

Two debates begin each day, and each debate takes five days to complete. In round two, D1 winners will meet D2 and so on - so you can plot your country's path to the final already. Anyone can follow the debates here. Where adjudicators disagree, the public vote is decisive, so feel free to get involved and get voting. The best of luck to all concerned.

Neill Harvey-Smith
Chief Adjudicator, WODC II

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