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6 July 2010

Austral-Asian Octos & Qtr details

Qtr Final Draw:
Aff v. Neg

Auckland 2 v. Monash 1
Sydney 2 v. Melbourne 1
Sydney 1 v. Victoria 2
Victoria 1 v. Monash 2

That we should ban professional political lobbyists

That individuals should be able to sell their vote
That the leaders of parliamentary political parties should be chosen by party members rather than by their colleagues

Octo Finals:
Aff v Neg

ANU v. Monash 1
Sydney 1 v. Macquarie 2
Auckland 4 v. Victoria 1
Sydney 2 v. NUS 1
Auckland 3 v. Melbourne 1
Monash 2 v. NSW 1
Victoria 2 v. Sydney 3
Queensland 1 v. Auckland 2

ESL Finalists
Korea University 1


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