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27 July 2010

2010 Yale IV

The Yale Debate Association invites you to participate in the fourth annual Yale Inter-Varsity Parliamentary Tournament, to take place at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut on Friday, October 22 and Saturday, October 23.

The tournament will consist of five preliminary rounds (the first four of which will have open adjudication), followed by a varsity quarters break* and a novice** final round. All rounds will be debated in the British Parliamentary style, and we plan to strictly enforce Worlds-standard seven minute speaking times. This will be an excellent opportunity for teams to prepare for Worlds. Additionally, all APDA members who advance to semifinals will also automatically qualify for APDA’s 2011 National Championships (although competitors will not earn -OTY points).

We are pleased to announce that Grant May and Steven Kryger will be our Chief Adjudicators. Between the two of them, Grant and Steven have won the Oxford IV, American Parliamentary Championships, and North American championships, as well as advancing to World semifinals, Hart House semifinals, and Cambridge quarterfinals. Nate Blevins will be our Deputy Chief Adjudicator, and Kate Falkenstien will be our convener; Anna Moore, Aaron Hakim, and Michael Magdzik will be our assistant conveners.

The Yale IV is proud to offer a judging pool featuring some of the best adjudicators available. Past adjudicators at our tournament have included:

• Josh Bone: 2nd Speaker of Assumption Worlds 2008, Cambridge IV Champion 2006
• Adam Chilton: Top Speaker of the Oxford and Cambridge IVs 2007, Worlds Finalist at Koc Worlds 2010
• David Denton: Worlds Finalist at Dublin Worlds 2006
• Cormac Early: Worlds Finalist at Cork Worlds 2009 and Koc Worlds 2010
• Dylan Gadek: Cambridge IV Champion 2006
• Anna Garsia: World Champion of Vancouver Worlds 2007
• Rory Gillis: Top Speaker of Dublin Worlds 2006, DCA at Cork Worlds 2009
• Will Jones: World Champion of Cork Worlds 2009, European Champion and Top Speaker 2008
• Kylie Lane: DCA at Assumption Worlds 2008
• Derek Lande: CA at Cork Worlds 2009
• Ian Lising: Former Chair of Worlds Council
• Jo Nairn: World Champion of Dublin Worlds 2006
• Beth O’Connor: Top Speaker of Dublin Worlds 2006, DCA at Assumption Worlds 2008
• Can Okar: CA at Koc Worlds 2010
• Jo Read: CA of the Cambridge IV 2007
• Alfred “Tuna” Snider: Convener of the 2009 and 2011 US Universities Debate Championships
• Caleb Ward: World Champion at Stellenbosch Worlds 2003

Housing, Food, and Entertainment
Registration for the Yale IV includes dinner on Friday and access to our Friday night social at a New Haven bar; anyone 18 or older will be admitted to the party. We will provide a room for you to sleep in on Friday night and a delicious breakfast Saturday morning.

For teams traveling significant distances, we can also provide a place to sleep on Thursday and/or Saturday nights at no additional cost, as well as an after-party on Saturday night.

Registration for the Yale IV 2009 will take place online. To register, fill in the form at our website, The deadline for registration is midnight on Tuesday, October 19, 2010.

Registration will be $125/team for US and Canadian schools which have previously attended the Yale IV, $90/team for US and Canadian schools which have not previously attended our tournament, and $50/team for schools outside North America.

There is a pay to play policy for this tournament. We prefer payment in the form of American cash or checks. If you choose to pay with a check in foreign currency, we will convert the fee to your currency at the going exchange rate, plus an additional $5 to cover the costs of cashing foreign checks at our bank. All checks should be made out to the Yale Debate Association.

Note also that we impose an n-2 judging requirement on US and Canadian schools. Teams which fail to meet this requirement will face a $50 penalty fee per missing judge.

We can offer further waivers and discounts to teams from far away, teams in financial need, and teams that bring, in any capacity, someone that has previously broken at Worlds as a judge or competitor. Please email us to discuss or note your request on your registration form.

Contact Information
As the tournament approaches, should you have any pressing questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our tournament staff via email or cell phone.

General Enquiries:

Kate Falkenstien (Convener): (785) 218-2624

* We reserve the right to break straight to semifinals.
** "Novice" will be defined as any debater in their first year of college debate, regardless of style

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