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13 April 2010

Third Phase of Rego for EUDC

Dear debaters of Europe,
Now that the first and second phase of registration have been concluded successfully, you can expect an invitation to start the third phase of registration in your inbox by the end of this week. We will give you more information about it in this email. In addition, you can find some more information on the possibilities for staying in Amsterdam before or after Euros. Flight prices to Amsterdam in July are increasing rapidly, so you might want to book your tickets soon. If so, please try to arrive at Schiphol Airport before three in the afternoon on Monday the 12th of July: we have a great program for the evening and this is also the only day on which you will be able to do ESL interviews.

The third phase of registration
This phase consists of two parts: the full payments need to be in our account by May 10 and we will request the personal details for all participants, which we would like to receive before May 15. Payments should be made in a similar manner as you’ve done for the second phase of registration, outlined here.

The contact person for each institution will receive an email with the user name and password for that institution this week. It is probably advisable to share the user name and password with the other members of your delegation. You will be asked to fill out the following details for each person of your delegation:

- personal details
- emergency contact
- arrival details
- hotel room preferences
- provisional excursion preference
- details on diet and medicine
- questions about ESL (if this applies to you)
- questions for judges
We’ve arranged with the hotel that you will be able to rent a room for the same discount we receive during the tournament, which means you will be able to rent a double room for 79 Euros without breakfast (total room price). Rooms for three and four persons will be cheaper per person. If you want to make use of that offer, please contact us so we can arrange it for you. If you find this is too much for you, try to get a room at one of the many hostels in Amsterdam. You can find a list with recommendations on our website. Make sure to book early as Amsterdam’s hostels are usually fully booked throughout the summer.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us through

Best regards,

Anne Valkering
Amsterdam EUDC 2010

Vendelstraat 2
1012 XX Amsterdam

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