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7 March 2010

Videos from Belgrade Open

From Manos Moschopoulos

We have the recorded streams of the semi-final and the final available online. The teams and their affiliations are:

Semifinal #2
OG: Anna England-Kerr, Anja Juvancic (Ljubljana - Slovenia)
OO: Vilko Kos, Borna Sor (Zagreb - Croatia)
CG: Vassilis Boukas, Arthur Khotenovskiy (Independent - Greece)
CO: Milan Krstanovic, Tijana Mijalkovic (Belgrade - Serbia)

OG: Jo Farmer, Tom Hosking (Oxford - England)
OO: Laura Horvat, Lea Tafra (Zagreb - Croatia)
CG: Vassilis Boukas, Arthur Khotenovskiy (Independent - Greece)
CO: Borna Sor, Vilko Kos (Zagreb - Croatia)

Also, we have 300 new great photos on the Facebook group, courtesy of Igor Stanojevic. We will be posting more tonight; however, we invite everyone that has posted photos of the Belgrade Open on Facebook to share their pictures on the group; click through to and select "Add group photos" - you will be asked if you want to add them from one of your albums.

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  1. There are more than 200 photos from BG Open here:


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