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2 March 2010

Results from the McGill Women's Tournament

Queen's University - Megan Vanden Hof & Christine Wadsworth

McGill University - Riva Gold & Natalya Slepneva
Queen's University - Shaughnessy Hawkins & Kaya Ellis
McGill University - Sophie MacIntyre & Hannah Pavalow

York University - Sarah Sahagian & Anna Koppelman
Carleton University/Dalhousie University - Emma Robillard-Cole & Jacqueline Byers
McGill University - Karen Geukers & Annike Flomen
University of Ottawa English Debating Society - Devon Black & Dayna Prest

Best Speaker:
McGill University - Riva Gold

Best Public Speaker:
Carleton University - Emma Robillard-Cole

1 - THBT it is a legitimate tool of foreign policy to send political dissidents back to their countries of origin even if they meet the standards for refugee status.
2 - THW ban defendents in criminal trials from defending themselves.
3 - THS non-territorial sovereignty for aboriginals.
4 - THW Impose strict caps on university spending on varsity sports.
5 - THS the public HIV test mandatory for all South African MPs.
Semi - THS Europe's hostility to multiculturalism.
Final - THBT the courts should have stayed out of the abortion debate.

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