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26 March 2010

McGill win Canadian Nationals


The CUSID (Canada) National Results were held in University of Alberta. The results are:

Champion: MCG Goldenrod (Sophie MacIntyre & Vinay K Mysore)

Finalist: MCG Unmellow Yellow (Saro Setrakian & Sean Stefanik)

MCG Laser Lemon (Jake Liang & Bryce Balcolm)
YU Shocking Pink (Rudi Lof & Brent Kettles)

HH Cerulean (John Ashbourne & George Trotter)
UBC Robin's Egg Blue (Joshua Sealy-Harrington & Evan Choate)
MCG Sunglow (Joe Bricker & Cal Rosemond)
DAL Spring Green (Ali Cherri & Max Rau)
Top Speakers
1. Sean Stefanik (McGill)
2. John Ashbourne (Hart House)
3. Brent Kettles (Osgoode)
4. Saro Setrakian (McGill)
5. Jake Liang (McGill)
6. George Trotter (Hart House)
7. Andrew McCoomb (Dalhousie)
8. Sophie MacIntyre (McGill)
9. Bryce Balcolm (McGill)
10. Mark Rubenstein (Queen's)

Top Novice Team: HH Inchworm (Deirdre Casey & Sam Greene)

1st Novice Speaker: Tim Abdulla (McGill)
2nd Novice Speaker: Sam Greene (Hart House)
3rd Novice Speaker: tie between Deirdre Casey & Howard Cohen

Public speaking results
Champion: Christopher McMillan (Calgary)
2nd: Keith Lehwald (Dalhousie)
3rd: Meritt Koçdağ (Saskatchewan)

Alberta Nationals 2010 - Break Announcement

Team Break:
1st: HH Cerulean (John Ashbourne & George Trotter), on 6 points
2nd: MCG Unmellow Yellow (Saro Setrakian & Sean Stefanik), on 5 points
3rd: MCG Laser Lemon (Jake Liang & Bryce Balcom), on 5 points
4th: YU Shocking Pink (Rudi Lof & Brent Kettles), on 5 points
5th: UBC Robin's Egg Blue (Joshua Sealy-Harrington & Evan Choate), on 5 points
6th: MCG Sunglow (Joe Bricker & Cal Rosemond), on 5 points
7th: DAL Spring Green (Ali Cherri & Max Rau), on 5 points
8th: MCG Goldenrod (Sophie MacIntyre & Vinay K Mysore), on 4 points

Novice Break:
1st: McGill Green Yellow (Tim Abdulla & John Clarke), on 4 points
2nd: Hart House Inchworm (Deirdre Casey & Sam Greene), on 4 points

Public Speaking Break:
1st: Keith Lehwald (Dalhousie University)
2nd: Jordan Rederburg (University of Saskatchewan)
3rd: Sean Husband (McGill University)
4th: Chris McMillan (University of Calgary)
5th: Meritt (University of Saskatchewan)
6th: Garrett Richards (University of Saskatchewan)

Judges Break:
In no particular order (and hopefully this list is accurate):
Alan Cliff (UADS)
Erin Reddekop (SFU)
Gavin Charles (DAL)
Jason Rogers (HH)
Richard Lizius (HH)
Monica Ferris (HH)
Guillaume LaRoche (MCG)
Ian Freeman (HH)
Margherita Wisdom Devine (MCG)
James Crossman (UADS)
Patrick Meehan (UBC)
Roman Kotovych (UADS)
Neil Frazer (HH)
Andrew Baker (USDS)
Angela Jansen (USDS)
Ian Burch (UADS)
Iain Ireland (UADS)
Emily Cliff (UADS)
Wallis Rudnick (UADS)
Sean Lee (UADS)
Nick Tam (UADS)
Siobhan Kirkland (UCDS)
Michael Hsaio (UBC)
Miriam Gough (MCG)
Anno Laarman (UADS)
Krum Dochev (DAL)
Janna Robblee (UCDS)

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