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16 March 2010

Koc WUDC 2010 summary

The tournament was hosted by KoƧ University, however the event was not held at the university's campus in Istanbul, but instead at the Maritim Pine Beach Club hotel and convention center in Antalya.

The final marked the first time that the top four teams from the prelminary rounds all reached the final, with Sydney University (Chris Croke and Steve Hind) emerging as champions, defeating Harvard University (Adam Chilton and Cormac Early), the London School of Economics (Rushabh Ranavat and Art Ward), and Oxford University (Jonathan Leader Maynard and Shengwu Li). Tel Aviv University (Yoni Cohen-Idov and Uri Merhav) won the English-as-a-Second-Language competition, and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Mikhail Sazonov and Maria Savostyanova) won the English-as-a-Foreign-Language competition. Shengwu Li from Oxford University was ranked the top individual speaker, with Manos Moschopoulos from the University of Athens being ranked the top ESL speaker, and Filip Dobranic from the University of Ljubljana topping the EFL speaker rankings. The public speaking competition was won by Riva Gold of McGill University, with Josh Taylor from Griffith University winning the stand-up comedy competition.

The final of the World Masters debating competition proved to a particular source of controversy, with several of the speakers making jokes which some members of the audience found to be offensive, leading to a number of complaints. The tournament's equity committee upheld one official complaint, thus disqualifying one of the speakers and his team. At the conclusion of the tournament, due to a miscommunication between the adjudication team and the equity committee regarding which teams had been disqualified, it was mistakenly annouced that the Masters competition had been won by Canada, however it was later clarified that the Masters champions were in fact "Team Vanuatu" (Derek Lande and Jason Rogers).

De La Salle University and Toronto University bid to host the 2012 tournament, with De La Salle being selected

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