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15 March 2010

Cork Open 2010: Reg Opens‏

Love Cork but sick of being rained on?

Love Cork but sick have having to debate with that dead-weight?

Never been to Cork but think it might be cool?

Then the CORK OPEN 2010 is for you.

In celebration of the 160th year of the UCC Philosophical Society we decided we had to do something brand new. So we are hosting the first annual Cork Open.

It will be held on the 25th and 26th of June 2010 - just two weeks before Amsterdam Euros. So if you want to get some prep in, this is the perfect opportunity. If you don't give a damn about Euros, it is the perfect opportunity to have some fun!

CA is the amazing Mr. Ross McGuire, DCA EUDC 2010, winner of the Irish Mace and Trinity IV, and a semi-finalist of both the Oxford IV and the Cambridge IV.

The team cap is 40 teams with a registration fee of €45 (about £41).

Registration is opening tomorrow the 15th of March at 10am. To register please email

The final of the Open will be held in Cyprus Avenue. Cork's premier gig venue and the social will be held there as well. ( )

Source: Britishdebate

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