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26 December 2009

Worlds Agenda 2010‏

Dear Members of the World Debating Community,

There have been some questions pertaining Worlds Council this year. Mr Neill Harvey-Smith, and the rest of the Council Executive Committee will not be attending Worlds at Koc this year due to certain unavoidable reasons.

I will however be attending Worlds as Chair and Council will run as scheduled.

There was some miscommunication with the organizers on my attendance at Worlds; however this has been cleared up. I would like to commend the organizers for their commitment, efficiency and dedication in ensuring the smooth running of Koc Worlds.

I would like to thank Mr. Ian Lising and Mr. Colm Flynn as World Council Member Emeritus for stepping in and coming up with a solution at what seemed like the most viable option at that time, given the circumstances.

There will be no need for an interim election, as through pro-tem leadership and subsequent appointments, pre-council will be conducted on 28.12.2009 and Council will be held on the 1.1.2010.

Attached below is the agenda for World Council 2010:

Preliminary Council Meeting 28.12.2010
Distribution of Meeting Minutes from Council meeting of Worlds 2009

Roll Call
- Delegate Names
- Voting status

Elections for Council Executive Committee 2010

Institution review
-N-1 Review

Speaker Review
-4 year rule
-ESL participants
-EFL participants

Distribution of 2012 Bid Materials

Council Meeting 01.01.2010
Roll Call
-Delegate Names
-Voting status

Worlds 2009 Minutes
-Vote to accept minutes

Cork Report & Accounts
- Cork Rep to report on Tournament
- Cork Rep to present final accounts

Koc Report & Accounts
- Koc Rep to report on Tournament
- Koc Rep to present initial accounts

Worlds 2011 Bid Defense
- Bid Defense Presentation
- Questions from council members
- Vote to Confirm Botswana as 2011 hosts

Bids for Worlds 2012
- De La Salle & Toronto present bids (order to be determined by random draw)
- Questions from Council Members
- Vote on hosts for Worlds 2012Lunch BreakConstitution Review

Future of World Suggestions

Committee Reports
- Chair
- Registrar
- Secretary
- Women’s Officer
- Equity Officer
- Regional Reports

Other Business

2011 World Executive Committee Elections

Thank you, have a safe flight and journey. See you at Koc Worlds 2010.

Warm regards,
Adiba Shareen


  1. Andy Hume2:28 pm

    Do we really need a Women's Officer and and Equity Officer? Six reports from the WUDC Committee? That's ludicrous.

    For goodness' sake, let the Chairman give a five minute presentation on the Committee's work over the previous twelve months and move on to AOCB. There is absolutely no need for Worlds Council to drag on any longer than necessary.

  2. Anonymous10:43 am

    There won't be six reports. Only one member of committee (the chair) is attending council and apparently she only decided to attend last week when some people tried to replace her as chair.

  3. Anonymous: Actually no one tried to replace Abdila. Just when it appeared that she was not attending efforts were made to make sure a council meeting would happen. When she confirmed that she was attending then there was no question about her chairing the meeting.

    Andy: I hear you but everyone wants their 5 minutes of fame at council.


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