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8 December 2009

Worlds 2012 Bids: More info from Toronto

Hiya everyone!

It has come to our attention that there has been speculation about our bid already committing to DCAs for 2012. This isn't true, although many of the alleged DCAs are super-cool and we would love to have them on board.

The process for selecting DCAs will be very simple, should we win the bid.

- We will solicit DCA applications from the world debating community and evaluate the feedback
- One DCA will be chosen from each of the following three regions (Europe/Middle East/Africa, Oceania, Asia)
- One DCA will be chosen from a traditionally underrepresented region/group

The only A-team role that we have appointed so far is that of Chief Adjudicator. Our CA Jason Rogers is a WUDC Grand Final Adjudicator, WUDC quarter-finalist, WUDC Top Public Speaker, CUSID National Championships CA, and a North American Championships CA. We think Jason's pretty swell and we hope you think so too!

Lastly, we'll be updating the list of judges on our website in a couple of days, but we're very excited to announce that we've added even more names to our list of confirmed adjudicators (both domestic and international). At this point we are supremely confident in providing an incredibly high calibre of judging before we spend a single cent on subsidies.

That being said, thanks to the significant support we've received from Hart House and U of T we fully anticipate being able to subsidize not only registration for highly-qualified adjudicators, but THEIR TRAVEL AS WELL. After all, we do it every year for our IV, and we feel that the moderate financial cost is well worth it to add to our judging pool.

As always, please pass our message on to anyone you feel would benefit from it, and we look forward to seeing everyone in... ack! 20 days! :)


Monica Ferris
External Relations Officer
Hart House 2012 Bid Committee

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