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8 December 2009

PAUDC Update

Dear PAUDC Participants:

This email is for all PAUDC participants. We are only a few days away from the kickoff of the 2nd annual PAUDC. There are going to be 400 participants this year. We are growing! Please heed the following points when preparing to arrive:

1) Bring your own personal spending money! Food is only provided from supper on December 12. Until that time you are responsible for your own food expense. There are locations on and off campus where food may be bought. Unlike last year we will not be entertaining any requests for food before the scheduled catering times. Meals can be purchased for 15-20 Pula (about 3 USD) on the street or for about 5-7 USD at the malls and cafeterias. Plan accordingly.

2) We will provide transport from the airport to the University. This will be done with buses. Once you arrive at the airport you will find a bus or a PAUDC representative to tell you when the next bus will arrive.

3) If your University or College is delinquent with any portion of registration fees bring it in CASH. NO checks, NO last minute bank transfers. If you don't have cash to pay you probably won't be able to participate or accommodated.

4) There are some expenses you will be expected to pay throughout the tournament. You will have to buy padlocks for 10 Pula. If you want alcohol during the tournament it will be availible for sale. There will be no free alcohol this year. Also for the Concept Party, there is no cover fee but if you want to buy drinks or snacks bring your own cash.

5) It is hot in Botswana right now. It is summer. Bring a small fan if you want.

6) Rooms have internet, so bring an internet cable if you are bringing a laptop. Rooms are two to a person and separated by a partition in the middle of the room. They are quite nicer than last years and we believe you will be pleased! Linens will be provided for your bed, however if you want to bring your own you are allowed to do so.

7) Registration is when you will confirm the spelling and attendance of all people in your delegation. Appoint a head of your delegation now to deal with registration matters. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THIS PERSON KNOW WHO IS DEBATING WITH WHO! Please come prepared to tell the registration director the team pairings for all members of your delegation.

8) If you have any questions please ask them now before departing.

Graham Sowa
Registration Director

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