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23 December 2009

2nd Pan-African Universities Debating Championships

The second Pan-African Universities Debating Championships was held at the university of Botswana from the 12th to 18th of December. This year we had 414 participants from 9 different countries.

New this PAUDC!
  • Ran concurrent University (80 teams, 6 rounds, octos break) and High School (40 teams, 4 rounds, quarters break) tournaments, both in the British Parliamentary format.
  • Passed a constitution and elected an executive committee
  • Granted hosting rights for PAUDC 2010 to the University of Namibia and reviewed bids for PAUDC 2011 from Nigeria and Zimbabwe.
  • Tournament tabbed on Tabbie

On behalf of the adjudication team of Logan, Pearl Mathumo and Thoriso M-Afrika, and Tournament Director Vivek Ramsaroop, here are the results and motions.


School Champion : Zimbabwe B
Finalists : Livingstone Kolobeng B, Al-Anur B, St Joseph's A
Schools Best Speaker :  Magowe Bonolo (Livingstone Kolobeng B)

Universities Champion : Rhodes University A
Finalists : University of Botswana A, University of Namibia A, University of Free State A
Universities Best Speaker : Clive Eley (Rhodes A)

Best Adjudicator : Kgosi Daniel Moremong, from Multimedia University
Best New Adjudicator : Lusanda Mtshotshisa from University of Fort Hare


University Finals
THW give dictators immunity in exchange for their resignation

High School Finals
THW force all faith based schools to teach evolution

Semifinals : Most famous non-running Kenyans
TH Supports the decision to award Barack Hussein Obama the Nobel Peace prize

Quarterfinals : The Environment
THBT MNCs operating in the developing world should be held liable to environmental regulation based on their country of origin

Octo-Finals : Sponsored by Capital Bank
THW ban banks from using pension funds as collateral for loans

Round 6 : Social Rights
THBT doctors who refuse to perform abortions on moral grounds should be fired

Round 5 : International Relations
THW support Iran’s right to develop nuclear weapons

Round 4 : Good Governance
THBT all African presidents should be subject to term limits

Round 3 : Globalization, Sponsored by the British Council
THW require immigrants to pass a language test as a prerequisite for citizenship

Round 2 : AIDS, Sponsored by the Health and Wellness Center
THW force all faith based NGOs to distribute condoms

Round 1 : Child Labour, Sponsored by UNICEF
THBT child labour is justified in developing countries

Link to Full Tab (teams, judges and break round pairings)

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