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4 November 2009

Some Recent Results: Yale IV

On 23-24 October, Yale University hosted the Yale IV. There were 120 teams, representing 39 institutions in attendance.

Advancing to quarterfinals after 5 rounds were:
1. Alaska IK (15 points)
2. Hart House FL (13 points)
3. Carleton A
4. McGill SS (12 points)
6. Queens C
7. Stanford DK
8. Stanford A (11 points)
9. Brandeis A
11. Hart House TT
12. Swarthmore DW
13. Swarthmore CP
14. Brandeis D
15. Amherst LZ (10 points)
16. McGill MM

The semifinals included:
Alaska IK
Hart House FL
Carleton A
McGill SS

Queens C
Stanford DK
McGill MM

The champion debate team was Hart House (Richard Lizius & Ian Freeman).

The 3 finalists were:
Alaska (Michael Imeson & James Kilcup)
Carleton A (Adam Coombs & Andrew Lawrence)
McGill SS (Saro Setrakian & Sean Stefanik)

The top 5 speakers after 5 preliminary rounds were:
1st Place: Richard Lizius of Hart House FL
2nd Place: Ian Freeman of Hart House FL

3rd Place: Michael Imeson of Alaska IK

4th Place: Adam Goldstein of MIT GM

5th Place: James Kilcup of Alaska IK

The motions at Yale were:
Rd 1: THBT the US and its NATO Allies should significantly reduce their presence in Afghanistan.
Rd 2: THBT Medicaid should cover all legal abortions.
Rd 3: THB in the right to self-determination.
Rd 4: THBT that the Nobel Peace Prize should only be awarded posthumously.
Rd 5: THBT legal aliens should have an unqualified right to vote.
1/4s: THBT all punitive damages in private lawsuits should be paid to the government.
Semis: THBT the US should impose sanctions on Israel if they do not withdraw all settlements from the West Bank.
Finals: THS races to the bottom.

Thanks to Shawn Briscoe for this info.

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  1. Anonymous10:32 pm

    There was a perfect tab tie for top speaker between Richard Lizius and Ian Freeman (exact same scores in every round!).


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