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4 November 2009

Some Recent Results: Hart House IV

There have been some big tournaments recently that I didn't post the results from:

On October 16-19, the University of Toronto hosted the Hart House IV. There were 84 teams, representing 26 institutions in attendance.

Advancing to quarterfinals were:
*Alaska A
Claremont A
Swathmore A

Dal C
*Queen’s D
McGill A

*McGill B
*Osgoode A
Queen’s B
Cornell C

Queen’s E
*McGill C
*Yale A
Dal A

The semifinals included:
Yale A
*McGill C
*Alaska A

Queen’s D
Osgoode A
*McGill B

The champion debate team was UBC B on Closing Opp.
Alaska A (Opening Gov)
McGill C (Opening Opp)
McGill B (Closing Gov)

The top 5 speakers after 5 preliminary rounds were:
1st Place: Rudi Lof of Osgoode A
2nd Place (tie): Saro Setrakian of MGill B & Michael Imeson of Alaska A

4th Place: James Kilcup of Alaska A

5th Place: Sean Stefanik of McGill B

The motions at Hart House were:

Rd 1: THS Turkish membership in the EU.
Rd 2: THS the use of bounty hunters.
Rd 3: TH opposes the ahistorical inclusion of minorities in television and film.
Rd 4: THB China should forcibly reintegrate Taiwan.
Rd 5: Provided we have the technology, THW allow human cloning.
1/4s: THS a 100% death tax.
Semis: THB when states are unable to defend themselves by conventional means, targeting civilian populations are a legitimate act of war.
Finals: THW not contact undiscovered human populations.

Thanks to Shawn Briscoe for sending these to me.

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