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12 November 2009

Some recent results: Hugill Cup '09

On 6-8 November, 32 teams attended the Hugill Cup in Edmonton, Canada.

Advancing to the Semifinals were:
Alaska IK*
Alaska GS*
Alaska CH
Calgary WS

Alberta CI*
Alberta BL*
U of Saskatechewan HR

The champions were Alaska GS (Akis Gialopsos & Amie Stanley)
The other finalists were:
Alaska IK (Michael Imeson & James Kilcup)
Alberta CI (Emily Cliff & Iain Ireland)
Alberta BL (Ian Burch & Robert Lees-Miller)

The top 5 speakers were:
5th Place – Garrett Richards (Saskatchewan)
4th Place – Colin Haughey (Alaska)
3rd Place – Dylan Hardy (Saskatchewan)
2nd Place – James Kilcup (Alaska)
1st Place – Michael Imeson (Alaska)

The following motions were debated:
Rd 1: THBT custody hearings should not take a child’s biological parentage into account.
Rd 2: THW allow evidence obtained from entrapment to be admissible in court.
Rd 3: THW deny communion to politicians that support abortion.
Rd 4: THBT Britain UK should withdraw from the EU.
Rd 5: THW condition the award of major international sporting events upon the legalization of prostitution for the duration of the events.
Semis: THBT Saudi Arabia should cancel the Hajj in light of the swine flu.
Finals: THBT, in the future, clones should not be awarded the same rights as humans


  1. Anonymous7:32 am

    I don't get the final motion - clones of humans are still "human". Not a clue how you're supposed to prop that one.

  2. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Yeah, I don't understand that one either.


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