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17 November 2009

Oxford IV Results

Yale A (Grant May & Steven Kryger) won the Oxford IV. The other finalists were ULU B (Max Kasriel & James Prior), ULU A (Ali Dewji & Fred Cowell), and Cambridge G (Doug Cochran & Mhairi Murdoch).

Rd 1. THW allow deaf couples to use medical technology to ensure they have deaf offsprings.
Rd 2. THW welcome a European superstate.
Rd 3. THW redirect all state art funding for reproduction of classic works of art into new works of art.
Rd 4. THW give the UN Secretary General the power to unilaterally send peacekeepers into regions that are beyond the effective control of their governments.
Rd 5. THW abolish patents and replace them with government funded awards in recognition of R&D.
Rd 6. THBT universities should not license societies that define themselves by gender, race nationalhood or sexuality.

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