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22 October 2009

SSE Riga IV 2009‏

This year as usual we are conducting the oldest and one of the most prestigious debate tournaments in the Central and Eastern Europe - the SSE Riga IV.

General details: CA: Arvydas Ziobakas – a long term member of the SSE Riga Debate Society, Oxford IV 2008 quarter finalist, the ESL champion of Cambridge IV 2008, the 8th best ESL speaker of EUDC 2009.

DCA: Will Jones - reigning WUDC champion, the champion of EUDC 2008.

Registration fee: 70 EUR per team and 30 EUR per adjudicator. n-1 ruleis applied for the teams from the Baltics.

We also have a webpage where all the additional information could befound:

Our e-mail is

In case you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.
Yours faithfully
Nikita Pusnakovs
Chief convener

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