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23 October 2009

SOAS IV results

From Britishdebate:

I would like to thank those who attended the SOAS IV last weekend. I have attached the tab. Particular congratulations go Cambridge B (Doug Cochran and Sean Koh) who won the SOAS IV beating LSE A (Rushabh Ranavat and Art Ward), Oxford HJ (Thomas Hoskins and Ben Jasper) and TCD Hist C (Huw Duffy and Jonathan Kelly) in the Final. Mhairi Murdoch (Cambridge A) topped the speaker tab.
For anybody who happens to be curious, the motions were:

R1: THW never release prisoners on compassionate grounds.
R2: THBT states should redistribute wealth beyond the provision of basic security.
R3: THBT Western countries should stop forcing the developing world to respect patents for life-saving drugs.
R4: THBT the West should treat Islamic terrorists and suspected terrorists the same as prisoners of war.
R5: THW abolish state-endorsed marriage.
Semi: THBT an adult can consent to anything.
Final: THBT those who buy non-essential items rather than donating to charity are morally responsible for the deaths of starving Africans.

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