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17 August 2009

Iraq Debate trains Iraqi Government Officials

From Iraq Debate

Government Officials Involved in Debating in the City of Duhok

Government Officials Involved in Debating in the City of Duhok as one of Iraq Debate Programs

August 13 2009

The city of Duhok with its peaceful people and safest city in many aspects. Debating is getting promoted.

AGEF, The German Association of Experts in the Fields of Cooperation and Development hosted debate lecture and seminar in its building in Duhok. June 1st 2009 to August 13 2009, thirty Government Officials from seven ministries involved in English Training Course in the organization and In the final two days Muhammad A. Ahmad and Jwan Hussein delivered a seminar and lecture for those officials to introduce the basics of debating and its importance to the nation ,followed by forming a debate between two teams in the next day and before the graduation from the course.

The motion was ''THBT Education Should not be free'' the motion was interesting and debatable as its one of the current issues of many people concerns of the quality of education and relating that to the economic situation in the country.

This event is the 2nd feasible event in Duhok on Debating as the first one was in the University of Duhok for 22 students from college of Arts.

The debating in the city of Duhok day by day is become more interesting. As I see that Duhok will become a capital of debating and the ground of diplomacy in Kurdistan and Iraq in future.

The participant from the government side are:
1st speaker: Dezheen Sh. Tayib – Presidency of Municipality , Duhok
2nd speaker: Mahoomd A. Yousif – Duhok Governorate
3rd speaker: Resan M. Salih – Mapping and Information Directorate, Duhok
Reply speech: Mahmood A. Yousif

The Opposition side:
1st speaker: Dilshad K. Ibraheen – Ministry of Education
2nd speaker: Noha Andrios – Presidency of Municipality
3rd speaker: Naima S. Salih - Mapping and Information Directorate
Reply speech: Noha Andrios

The Judges: Muhammad A. Ahmad and Jwan Hussein

The opposition side won the debate as they came with constructive arguments and evidence. And the majority of audience voted for their interest.

This was the first time for government officials to perform debate in this country and we are looking to continue this endeavors for further debating programs and sharing more people with diverse ideas to exercise the rights of freedom of speech.

After the debating the participants granted their certificates for their participation in the course.

Mr. Salam Ali the English Trainer in the Organization, said: If we don't want to live in a dictatorship, we must be vigilant to preserve our freedoms. If we wish to preserve our freedoms, we must be informed on the issues. Being informed on the issues requires that we become acquainted with alternative points of view. The history of the development of civilization can be seen as the history of debates on issues. In democratic societies, there must be public debating.

Mr. Azad M. Salih,The coordinatior of AEGF in Duhok:  He sees that as the purpose of their organization is English capacity building for the certain course and he added; Debate in the good motivation for the participants to develop their communication and all regards we have a special thanks to Mr. Azad M. Salih for his cooperation and kind hospitality.

Reported By Muhammad

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