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2 August 2009

Euros Day 1

The European Debating Championships are currently in progress in Newcastle. 

The Motions so far:
R1 THW allow police officers to use entrapment.
R2 THW use the education system to instill moral norms in children beyond mere obedience to the law
R3 THW grant citizenship to illegal immigrants that report workplace abuse.

Apparently they are cancelling thr 8th Round because of registration/tab/organisational problems.  It's a bit sketchy as to what the actual problem is (and emotions seem to be running high) so I won't speculate but as more firm details come available I'll post them.

Source: Twitter, yourgermancorrespondant & Global Debate


  1. Andy Hume8:05 am

    Cancelling the last round? Perish the thought!!!

  2. I honestly was surprised more by the schedule promising eight rounds of debating in two days, then I was when they announced to cancel a round. Perhaps we'll have to realise that Euros has become so big and complex that it becomes unrealistic to schedule that many rounds in two days. Surely, something apparently went wrong with registration. But there's always something that will go wrong.

  3. If you need more sources: Some german participants are blogging from Newcastle in english and german at Achte Minute (

  4. Andy, I know it's shocking. It would never happen at competition either of us were running back in our prime.... oh wait....

    I think you can get 8 rounds in in 2 days (happens a lot in the UK & Ireland) but I'm not sure it's really the best for the teams and judges. Come the 4th round of the day people tend to be frazzled. Some of the worst debates I've seen have been last thing after a long day.

    Gudruncita, Thanks for the link. I've added it to my google reader.


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