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31 July 2009

Yeditepe pull out of bid for EUDC

Yeditepe University in Istanbul have pulled out of the competition to host the 2010 European Universities Debating Championships.  This leaves Amsterdam as the only currently declared bidder.

Dear Debaters of Europe,

As you may know, we had previously announced that we would be bidding to host the EUDC 2010. We promised to offer everyone "the greatest Euros ever". We made many preparations until now for to this end; we organized 2 successful BP tournaments this year to add to our experience, we signed several sponsorship agreements and attended big competitions to see how things were run. However after discussion with our CA team and organization comittee during Istanbul Yeditepe Open 2009 we have decided to postpone our bid for this year, as we don't think we're ready to fulfill our promise and make everyone as happy as we would want them to be. For this reason we will be withdrawing our candidacy for EUDC 2010.

We wish great luck and success for the lovely people in Amsterdam for EUDC 2010.

Hope to see you very soon,
Yavuz Yiğit
Yeditepe University

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