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14 July 2009

Iraq Debate Appeal for Funding

Iraq Debate wishes to continue spreading debate in Iraq as a positive initiative in this country during a transition period of instability.

We are starting from the north and our destination is the farthest South of Iraq but the nature of our situation is currently somewhat difficult. There is a lack of understanding of the role debate can play in creating and stabilizing a complex and multi-ethnic society. In a time of many challenges it is difficult for people to accept the need for training Iraqi youth for a better tomorrow -- a time when disagreement can be used constructively to solve problems and not just to divide people.

Now, we are facing a problem of a lack of funding as the income of students in Iraq is very low. We are seeking funds to partially cover our trip to Turkey for the World Universities Debating Championship. Each student who can attend the World Universities Debating Championships can return as an ambassador for debating and have a huge impact training and sharing with others.

Iraq Debate has several teams now registered to attend the World Universities Debating Championships to be held in December-January in Antalya, Turkey. We have teams and enthusiasm and some financial support, but we are just a bit short and the time draws near to pay up or drop out.

Please help us improve Iraqi Society through making people familiar with tolerance and understand the power of diversity, love of free speech, and appreciate the value of fair dialogue and informed decision-making procedures.

Help us improve the lives of Iraqi citizens by supporting our efforts to instill passion for learning in the hearts of Iraqi students. Students will go further in life with the ability to think logically, the ability to present complex ideas clearly, a keen ear to listen well to the words of others, a wide but deep knowledge of the Iraqi society, a proactive desire to solve both Iraqi and world problems, and confidence to do all that, and keep on moving ahead. Students of debate find new reasons to make the most of their education and strive to become better, more informed people in an imperfect world.

Please help us to replace conflict with constructive debate. The lives of debaters, the people in their lives and the future of Iraqi leadership and of Iraqi society will only benefit from any financial help you can give now .

If you could help Iraq Debate students debaters it would be greatly appreciated.

For donation please visit this page

Thank you for your cooperation.

Muhammad Duhoki

Director, Iraq Debate

Note: please send an email to when you are donating to save your name in our database and keep it.

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