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5 June 2009

Zimbabwe High Schools Debate Festival 2009

The Zimbabwe Youth Development Trust is organising a debate festival for high school students. It’s to be held during Intwasa Arts Festival in Bulawayo, in September. Zimbabwe has a recent history of being keen to debate but struggling financially. Innocence Ncube, named as an ‘emerging leader’ by the British Council in 2005, is working with Kate Wilson of One World Education regarding the festival. They are hoping to raise the money for transport, food, teaching, staffing and other requirements.

Why Zimbabwe?

  • There are more orphaned children in Zimbabwe than any other country in the world. As the older generation dies out, young people need to lead
  • Until this month there has been no aid for Zimbabwe since 2000
  • In the recent past freedom of speech hasn’t been an option for Zimbabweans
Why Debating?
  • A formal debate
  • Requires no expensive resources
  • Motivates students to research issues
  • Teaches teamwork
  • Encourages confidence and leadership skills
  • Improves listening skills
  • Can help students to win scholarships to universities.
How can I help?
There will be a few opportunities to get involved. The first two are
1) Innocent and some of his youngsters will be sending out a blog-style email covering life and learning in Zimbabwe. They asking for £2 (or a donation) from those who would like to receive the email. This can be given to directly to Kate if you meet her at a debating event around London or deposited into the bank account ( for details). The first email will be out in mid June. Please email if you’d like to be on the list.
2) There will be a leisurely sponsored walk in north London on Sunday July 5th. Again please email if you would like to take part. Details will follow!

Contact details:
Kate Wilson
Tel 07970 200 770

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