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7 June 2009

Reminder - DCA Applicants' commentary due‏

Dear Australasian Debating Community
A reminder that we are still accepting commentary and feedback on the DCA applicants for Australs 2010 in Auckland.

The applicants are:
Christopher Croke
Sharmila Parmanand
Vikram Balasubramanian
Tim Jeffrie
Fiona Prowse
Md. Mizanur Rahman

Please email me ( with positive or negative comment about any one, some, or all of the above candidates.

Comment will be accepted until June 14, 2009.

When providing comment, please make it clear in what capacity you are doing so e.g on behalf of your debating society, a regional organisation, etc.

I would like to emphasise that all feedback about candidates will be treated in the strictest confidence. Only I will be privy to any information sent.

As announced before, we intend to follow previous practice and select an Adjudication Core that reflects the diverse debating cultures of the many countries that make up the Austral-Asian debating community.

We have no fixed views on how many DCAs should be selected, and welcome comment on that issue too.

Kind regards
Christopher Bishop
Auckland Australs 2010
Prospective Chief Adjudicator

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