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18 May 2009

Non-European teams at Euros

We are Oskar A. Avery and Russell A. Haswell and we have the great honour to be the Co-Convenors of the European Universities Debating Championship to be held at the University and Union Society of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK from the 1st to the 5th of August 2009.

We have the great pleasure to be able to announce that we will be accepting registrations from non-European institutions wishing to send non-breaking teams.

We have received several enquiries from teams outside Europe about their eligibility to take part. The constitution and Chair of EUDC council confirm that this is both permitted and precedented at recent EUDCs as a matter of course where spare capacity has existed. They will not, of course, be able to break in either the Open break or the ESL break (though we are likely to run a non-European final for non-European teams depending on numbers).

Therefore non-European teams are invited to register for EUDC Newcastle 2009 (1st August 2009 until 5th August 2009) here.
Registration for this will be open until June 1st 2009, the N-1 rule will apply, as for all teams and there is an institutional cap of 6.

1st August - 5th August

British Parliamentary (worlds style)
8 Rounds, breaking to Quarter Finals and English as a Second Language (ESL) Quarter Finals, plus probable non-european finals (depending on numbers).
7 Minute speeches

Adjudication / Tabbing
Chief Adjudicator Sam Block (EUDC 2007 Champion)
Deputy Chief Adjudicator / Tabmaster Bob Nimmo (WUDC 2007 Finalist)
Deputy Chief Adjudicators: Alex Ward (Newcastle Debating founder & multiple IV winner) James Dray (WUDC 2009 & EUDC 2008 Champion) Leela Koenig (WUDC 2009 ESL best speaker) Uve Poom (EUDC 2007 ESL Champion)

Accommodation / Food
Single rooms in University accomodation for 5 nights
Breakfast, lunch and evening meal provided.
Kosher, Halal, Vegan and allergies catered for.

The Finals (both Open and ESL) will be held in the Auditorium 1 at the Sage Music Centre Gateshead. It has the best acoustics in the world and is Europe's newest opera house.

Cost per Head
Accommodated £221.25 Non-Accommodation £154.88

More details may be found at our facebook group or our minisite at

Or you can contact us at eudc.union@... or find us on facebook yourself, you can also call me on +44 79 0069 8116 (Though Please only 10:00 to 22:00 UTC).

Russell & Oskar


  1. Anonymous7:45 am

    Why no DCA from ASIA?

  2. Ammm.... EUROPEAN championships.

    Asian teams are welcome to participate as non-breaking teams but it is a European event so the DCAs come from Europe.

  3. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Any break result from AUDC Bangladesh a few days ago?

  4. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Wow, 8 in-rounds. That's almost as big as worlds. Impressive. Good luck Newcastle, hope it goes well.


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