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14 May 2009

Call for interested hosts of AUDC 2010

Hi All,
The 2009 AUDC starts today in East West University Bangladesh. They have had a tough time recently but hopefully everything is now back on track for a successful tournament.

College of Saint Benilde (CSB) had intended to bid to host the tournament in 2010 but have now pulled out (see below). The AUDC executive committee (exco) are now asking for prospective bidders for 2010. It may be short notice but hopefully someone will be able to put together a bid for their union meeting.

From AUDC mailing list

Dear Friends,
CSB has recently informed the exco that they will be withdrawing their bid for 2010. They will be coming out with their own statement soon, so we would rather not pre-empt it. The exco, however, would like to request interested bidders to please prepare your presentations for the upcoming Union Session. Thank you.


The AUDC Exco

Dear friends,
CSB would like to announce that it is withdrawing its bid for 2010 to heed the advice of our school administration and to give way to other prospective bidders.
We wish good luck to prospective bidders and the participants in this year's AUDC.

Thank you.
CSB Debate Society

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  1. Dear AUDC exco,

    has been any update on the who will host AUDC 2010?


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