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20 May 2009

Important update from Koc‏

Following up from the announcement on registration, transportation, budget and accomodation Koc have recieved a number of questions about the pre-payment system. Here are some answers to that.

Important Notification on Prepayment Policy

We have received a number of enquiries about the prepayment system we have introduced this year. The prepayment will be 100 EUR per person you wish to attend Worlds 2010 and will be paid in Phase 2 of registration between 6th July and 17 July 2009. If you subsequently do not pay the full amount in Phase 3, you will not receive your 100 EUR back. Similarly, if you register and prepay for 8 people but subsequently send 5, we cannot refund the three unused prepayments and will still expect 290 EUR for the five people you wish to send.

It is worth reiterating why we have introduced the prepayment system. It is to ensure that everyone makes an accurate assessment of how many people they will actually send to Worlds. Last year, registration filled in seven minutes but many institutions just said “3 teams, 2 judges” and then did not send that number of teams. This meant that teams on the waiting list had to buy flights much later and thus paid far more.

When you register, we will take that as firm interest on your part to send the number of people for whom you register. If you have any queries about any issues with registration, please do not hesitate to contact Hasan Sadık Arik at

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