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22 May 2009

Ateneo De Manila win 2009 AUDC

Ateneo de Manila (Gica Mangahas, Steph Co and Shiveena Parmanand) won the 2009 Asian Universities Debating Championships.

In the final they defeated Nanyang Technology University.

The motion for the final was "This house believes that emigration of the best and the brightest from poor countries to the first world is beneficial for both types of countries". NTU proposed and Ateneo opposed.

The overall best speaker was Ang Wee Jiaa from the National University of Singapore and Gica Mangahas (Ateneo) was second.

The top teams on the tab were:
National University of Singapore A,
Nanyang A
University of the Philippines Diliman A
Ateneo A
International Islamic University (of Malaysia) A
Ateneo B
Ateneo C

More results to follow as they become available.

Also the general feedback seems to be that it was a very successful tournament. Having been in disarray just a few weeks ago the new committee appear to have really pulled out all the stops and run an excellent tournament. Some of the feedback can be found here. Well done to all involved.

Round 1
- This house believes that entertainment awards should not be bestowed on individuals who have committed acts of domestic violence in their private lives
- This house will not allow being labelled a homosexual as grounds for defamation claims
- This house wants politicians convicted of corruption to resign even when the political fallout is minimal

Round 2
- This house would let Iran have its nukes ... if its wants them
- This house thinks that the two state solution is not going to work .. and thinks three states is more like it
- This house wants Obama to lift the embargo on Cuba without any pre-conditions

Round 3
- This house would scrap copyright laws in the internet age
- This house would tax virtual commerce such as in Second Life
- This house believe that genetically modified foods should be embraced without reservation

Round 4
- This house believes that an individual's right to free speech includes his right to defame religions.
- This house believes life is sacred but you can end it if it is yours
- This house would allow people to experiment and experience psychotropic drugs

Round 5
- THBT gay marriages should be left to the courts (ala Iowa) and not referenda (ala California)
- THBT third world nations with large, poor, illiterate populations are right in seeking the stability of technocratic elite-driven governments
- THBT votes in supranational organisations should be assigned on the basis of population and not 'one-nation-one-vote'

Round 6
- This house would commercialise regulated hunting of large fauna to protect them
- This house would subsidise every electric car purchase
- This house would nationalize mineral resources

Round 7
- This house would force beggars, street urchins, and the homeless off the streets
- This house would use convict labour for national projects
- This house believes that child labour should be incorporated as a poverty alleviation mechanism in third world nations

Octo Finals
- This house would make medical insurance mandatory for all citizens
- This house believes that the state should fund faith-based services
- This house believes that the state should finance movies that promote desirable social messages

Quater Finals
- THW not sell arms to or include in military alliances any non-democracies
- THW prioritise ending of bloodshed over the punishment of genocidaires.
- THW violate the sovereignty of states unable to control global mal-contents within their territory

Semi Finals
- THBT the social sanction against nudity is a feudal restraint on our personal choices
- THW allow polygamous unions
- THBT paedophilia can be allowed where an adolescent's parent consents to the relationship

EFL Semi Finals
- THW allow individuals to spoil their good health in their pursuit to look good
- THW allow teenagers to obtain the morning-after pill without parental consent
- THBT vegetarianism is the smarter lifestyle

EFL Final
- This House would not prosecute government staffs who commit torture during the Bush era
- This House believes that the "don't ask don't tell" policy is crucial to national security
- This House would disallow couples with severe genetic disability to give birth to children

- This House believes that the emigration of the best and the brightest from poor countries to the first world profits both countries
- This House feels that the Catholic Church should waive celibacy requirements for its priests
- This House believes that nuclear energy is a bad way to replace fossil fuels

Source: AUDC mailing list & bdnews & the inquier

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